Commercial Remodeling

For Commercial remodeling in occupied spaces, Maryland Commercial's approach leads to a better outcome, with less stress. We understand the importance of not interfering with your business operations. Prior to beginning any construction project, we set up dust containment and take other precautions to assure our work doesn't adversely effect other areas. Plus, we provide after hours and weekend work at no additional cost. We understand it is best if we do our work when you're not trying to do yours.

Online Job Admin

We have developed a custom, Online Job Admin portal that lets us share files, photos and view the current job schedule 24x7. You will alway know what is going on.

Online Job Planning

Phased Jobs

This is very important for phase work, such as repainting or new carpet in occupied areas...when you can only do a little at a time. Not only do you get a visual representation on the job chart, but you will also get email reminders of which areas will be worked on and what needs to be done by what date. If you've ever had to do this type of job before, you'll love our approach.

Phased Jobs
Job Phase Reminder

Construction Services

  • Commercial Remodeling.
  • Repainting
  • Drywall construction and repairs
  • Update the kitchen area
  • Commercial carpentry services
  • Cubicle and furniture assembly
  • Seamless Whiteboards
  • Small commercial jobs (We call it Office Nip and Tuck).

Commercial Furnishing

Additionally, we are the area's low cost leader in supplying design inspired, value based, commercial furnishings.

Give us a call...we'll earn your business, both today and into the future. You can reach us at 410-215-7356 or you can use the contact form on the left.