Office Nip and Tuck Service

Make Your Office Work Better

We find many business owners believe they are stuck with their current office layout. You might feel the same way. Perhaps you feel the only way to get your office just the way you want it, is to start over at a brand new location. And if you're also thinking a move to a new office would be wicked expensive and very disruptive, well, you're right. The good news?...Altering and updating your current office is exponentially simpler and much less costly.

Designed To Be Changed

Changing your current office to better suit your needs really isn't that difficult. It may seem permanent, but in reality, the modern office interior is designed to be easily changed. After all, at its core, your office interior is just metal studs and drywall.

Metal Stud Wall

Proper Work-site Preparation

Properly constructed dust barriers, walk off mats, installation of plastic runways between construction areas and entrances, along with proper project planning, make working in occupied commercial spaces much less disruptive.

After Hours Work

Construction work is best done after business hours. We offer night and weekend work at no additional cost. It just makes sense. We do our work when you're not doing yours.

Nip and Tuck Ideas

  • Split one office into two
  • Combine two rooms into one larger one
  • Add or remove a door
  • Update the kitchen area
  • Construct a multi-purpose work room
  • Give your office a fresh coat of paint/carpet
  • Open up a group of offices
  • Update your reception area
  • Create a collaborative work area
  • Install seamless whiteboards

Commercial Furnishing

Additionally, we are the area's low cost leader in supplying design inspired, value based, commercial furnishings.

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