Used Office Furniture

We have a limited amount of used commercial office furniture in stock.

Artopex High End Executive Office Suite

Artopex Executive Office Suite, Drawer Detail
Artopex Executive Office Suite, Guest Chair
Artopex Exectutive Office Suite, Separate Wardrobe
Artopex Executive Office Suite, Credenza Detail

This is a really nice Artopex high end office suite. It is a deep cherry finish with real wood grain. The set has ample desk surface area, two drawer units, a credenza with under top light, as well as a separate Wardrobe unit and Guest chair., including wooden drawersinsulating properites.

Form and Function in the same package.

The entire set is priced at $1995.

Artopex Manager's Office

Artopex Manager Desk
Artopex Manager Desk
Artopex Manager Desk, Drawer Detail Thumbnail
Artopex Manager Desk, Edge Detail Thumbnail

Artopex Manager's Desk Set in Cherry with matching wall hung storage cabinet and drawer unit.

This is a highly functional desk set that looks great. It includes an area specifially designed for short one on one meetings.

This set is priced at $1295

Mobile Standing Desk/Table

Standing Desk/Table with wheels
Standing Desk/Table with wheels, thumbnail
Standing Desk/Table with wheels, grommet detail thumbnail
Standing Desk/Table with wheels, wheel detail thumbnail

These desks/tables are standing height and have wheels. They can be used individually, or roll them together to create a large work table at standing height.

In addition to locking wheels, these also have grommets for cable management. We have eight of these left in stock.

These are priced at $199 per desk

Small Hayworth Conference Table

Hayworth Conference Table

Nice eight foot Hayworth conference table, with nuetral marbled gray formica top with solid oak trim.

This conference table is priced at $349

Wood Grain Conference/Work Table

Wood Grain Conference Table

These are VERY sturdy wood grain tables with nuetral vinle trim. They are eight feet long. They can be used individually or combined to form a large work area.

We have four of these tables at $199

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Form and Function for Small and Mid Sized businesses.